Set up in 1995, GRUPO S.O.B. conducts its business activity in the fields of architecture, design, real estate and construction. Its inception is tied in with the growth, development and high level of specialisation attained by the companies that form it: the architecture and urban planning workshop S.O.B. ARCHITECTS S.L.P., the professional management and engineering team SOBINGEST S.L.P. and SOLOHOL, a company specialising in the comprehensive administration and management of the group’s logistics and labour activities. Its head office is located in Barcelona and the business has regional offices in Alicante and Malaga.

This corporate merger places us in a highly effective position in order to provide an extensive spectrum of services ranging from the planning and design of architecture projects, interior design and urban planning to the management of all stages in the construction process for all kinds of building works. Our experience encompasses the comprehensive preparation of each project from urban and territorial planning to more specific construction details. Likewise, we specialise in offering comprehensive services for site management, tenders, splitting into stages, organisation and coordination of technical experts, industrial experts and suppliers.

Founded in Barcelona in 1991, S.O.B. ARCHITECTS S.L.P. has witnessed solid growth, diversifying its services ever since, providing optimal levels of quality and achieving client satisfaction. Its business activity centres on the preparation of urban plans and comprehensive architecture projects (including engineering), as well as interior design. The awards it has earned and the acknowledgments it has received, along with its extensive client portfolio and the more than one million square metres built under its belt clearly lay testimony to the quality and effectiveness underpinning its work. The company has even offered regular cooperative and advisory services to some of Spain’s foremost developers
SOBINGEST S.L.P. was founded in 2000 and has carried out its business activities supporting S.O.B. ARCHITECTS S.L.P. with the comprehensive management of its works. Moreover, it has provided services and afforded experience to real estate agencies, construction firms and developers throughout Spain. Thanks to its efficient operation, both public and private institutions have placed their trust in the company and it has always ensured its clients are fully satisfied. The quality and effective management it boasts in the works it has been responsible for, some by highly acclaimed architects internationally, have established the company as one of the top choices among the foremost development firms.

The full team that comprises S.O.B. ARCHITECTS and SOBINGEST have managed to develop their own and indeed specialised working processes and systems. Affording huge flexibility, they are amenable to be adapted to each specific case, thus making it possible to maintain optimal levels of productivity, efficiency and quality in the results achieved.

The experience and the quality of work of our team of professionals have enabled us to implement the development and execution of large-scale complex projects with prominent results worthy of awards. Our professional background also encompasses the renovation and refurbishment of protected buildings (some even dating back more than 100 years) with the added complexities entailed by such a task, once again achieving highly successful results.