project management


We at Grupo S.O.B. specialise in comprehensive project and works management. The procedure encompasses the processing of administrative permits to the full implementation of the architecture project, including execution of works.

As a team of professionals, we implement a comprehensive project and works management system tailored to meet the needs of each client. We guarantee that relevant targets shall be met and quality shall be upheld in all our services and, indeed, we set up an exclusive work team devoted to each project.

We help to define the commercial property establishment and we offer advice on the technical needs for the design and construction. Our aim is to offer close oversight throughout the whole process from the initial stage of the draft project to the drafting of the plans and execution of the works, customising the characteristics of our service to meet the needs of each client.

We offer advanced services relating to comprehensive project management always in the field of construction. Thanks to these services, clients can gain genuine control over their project from the moment it is conceived, through the design and construction process, to delivery of the product to the end user and ending with comprehensive aftersales services.

We have partnered with major Spanish developers, working closely alongside them in order to ensure three key objectives are met in the process: QUALITY, TIMELINESS and COST.